Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lillyput Lane Spring and Summer Collection 2011

Inspiration is a funny thing…  You can be inspired by lyrics of a song, the curve of a flowers petal or the way the sun hits the ocean at dusk.  I am inspired by all of these things and more. In the early years of my marriage and being a mother of three we did not have a lot of money for shopping for the wants in life. We just wanted to pay our bills and survive.  Being a creative person I could replicate almost anything I had seen in the “gosh I wish I could afford that store.” I have an excellent color pallet for fabric and stones and a keen eye for fashion. Being in the fashion business for over 25 years, it was an easy transition from fashion to Design.
I started small at a friend’s dining room table designing jewelry and we both became obsessed with the creation of these pieces we could never afford to buy. It was a thirst for the next most beautiful piece. We did not know whom we would sell it to but would buy thousands of dollars in stones, gold and silver because we just could not help ourselves. Then we made our way into the homes of the lets call them the “Girlie Girls” of Washington DC, Palm Beach and Boston. We knew our audience,  we would sell out and then start all over again. Being passionate about what you do in life is half the battle. People want to be inspired,  they want to believe in something. Its hopes love. I can honestly say,  I hope to be inspired by my surroundings in life and to be passionate about the creation of that hope. That is in every piece of jewelry I design.
My hope is… that all of my “girlie girls” love every piece of mine they wear.