Friday, February 17, 2012

Setting the Bar

When choosing the bar for you wedding, have a little fun! The reception should be all about having fun with friends and family. If you are only serving beer and wine, add a signature cocktail to the mix. The signature cocktail can be a great way to show off your personalities and set the tone for the evening.
 "Belles and Gents bar"  is a creative
way of showcasing his and her favorites

This frozen signature cocktail
is the perfect touch to a summer wedding

Champagne bars are a great way to have
 guests make their own beverage with different garnishes and sugared rims!

This box of goodies is a
great way for guests to celebrate all over again in your name

Whether it's a cocktail or water,
flavored ice cubes are a great way to spritz-up any drink

Personalized straws are a delightful
way to remember why you're celebrating