Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's All About Neutrals

Neutrals never fail! They add a romantic touch to any wedding. We love seeing the trends of bridesmaids in different neutral dresses, or adding neutral burlap to a wedding cake! Neutrals are the perfect backdrop for any wedding! A simple neutral bridesmaid's dress can be taken to a new level with a bright colorful bouquet!

Over white? Try a neutral dress on your big day!

Neutral bridesmaid's dresses are a timeless classic!

Neutral accessories add a romantic touch to your special day 
Your groom will glow in a neutral suit!

Photos from Maggie's Pinterest

I Need Paint Help.

I painted the dresser and stayed true to my word.. it's not white! I rummaged around through the paint in my basement and found, among an embarrassing number of cans, a can of a beautiful grey paint. I figured, why not? Saved me from going out and buying some. Plus, it was a snow day so I was confined to the house!

The color is Jet Set by Debbie Travis but was mixed in Beauti-tone's Natura paint line. It went on nicely and I liked the color against the walls. It almost has a hint of purple to the grey. (Yes, I know there is a crack in one of the drawers. I like when things aren't perfect.. or maybe I'm just lazy? :)

Looks not bad, right? However, strangely enough, the paint doesn't seem to want to dry. It dawned on me where the paint came from. My good friend Emily bought it to paint a cabinet in her dining room. It turned out great but 2 years later, it's still tacky! We had the paint here so my dad tried it on a little table he was working on. Same problem!

Hmmm... anyone use this brand of paint before, or run into this problem? I wish I had remembered this before I started. I'm hoping that a coat of water based Varathane with seal the finish. Thoughts? I'd appreciate any suggestions!

On a brighter note. I have 8 pretty glass knobs to add a little sparkle to the piece! Once I get this sticky situation figured out, I'll be back with a proper before and after.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love Letters

We love receiving letters in the mail! Nothing is more exciting than knowing someone put the time and effort into sending you a letter. Whether it is a thank-you card, an invitation, or just to catch up, we love seeing the different stationary. We are constantly looking for ways to spice up our stationary! Here are some ideas...
Martha Stewart glitter goes along way! Use a glue pen
 and lightly sprinkle some glitter over it for a gorgeous message! 

Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere shows us how it's done!


Old rubber stamps can add the perfect touch of personality to any cardstock!

Patterned paper is perfect for lining your envelopes with style

It's Like Finally Up!

After arriving home from our weekend in the big city (Halifax:), we decided to tackle framing this print for the bedroom makeover. I wanted it a while ago (You can read all about that here). At the time it was sold out but one of my sweet readers emailed me and offered to sell me hers. It had come out in different colorways and she had chosen to go that route. The price was right and I saw it as a sign.

Sadly, the print sat in its tube for over a year. You see, it's rather large at 24 x 36 inches and framing it was p.r.i.c.e.y. I did some searching online and saw that some people mounted it into the largest Ikea Ribba frame, on top of the mat. While not ideal, easiest bet for me! Since we don't have an Ikea around here, I waited patiently until I could somehow get my hands on one. My parents just returned from a trip to Ontario and brought one back.

Please ignore the dresser, it's getting ready for a paint makeover. I love the punch of color again the freshly painted neutral grey walls. One piece of advice. Do not attempt to frame something with your dog around! I think we had to take it apart three times to get the Beaufie hair out from between the glass and the print. Frustrating!

Here is another view from the doorway. Some say this print is "overdone" but I still love it! Like, really love it.

And a couple of shots up close. Yes, I really do love it!

Have you figured out the accent color for the room yet? Time to paint the dresser, hang the curtains and some more art. Now to find the perfect pillow to tie the grey, navy and pink together! Later kids, I'm off to do some etsy shopping:)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cozy Cashmere.

Well the painting is done! Steph finished up two coats of Para's Cashmere yesterday in the bedroom and I am super happy with it! A great neutral if you are looking for one! Definitely lighter than I anticipated but pretty nonetheless.  Likely a good thing because I don't tend to like the wall color to be the focal point of the room. I can now go in any direction I choose decor-wise.

Now to get the diy headboard in there and start making it pretty! We are off to Halifax for the weekend though so it may have to wait a bit but maybe I'll find some goodies while we are out shopping. It was unanimous for the dresser - bold it is! No white this time, I'm listening to my readers on this one!

Some colors I'm considering are navy blue to coordinate with the headboard. Similar to Jenny's island.

A charcoal grey would be quite beautiful as well.

Or maybe I should go really bold and go coral or yellow like these beauties. Nah.. I'm not brave enough.

I also finished stripping the wallpaper in the dining room. What a mess!

Sorry for the boring photos the last few days but it will make the reveal photos all the more interesting, right?

A side note... the PEI styled wedding group that I'm involved in was featured on the front page of the newspaper yesterday! You can check out the article here and read about our Winter Shoot here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Project Progress.

It was a beautiful day for a coffee and a walk with a good friend, her little one and Beaufort. However, I still found time though to get a few things done around the house. I was once told that creative people can't do one thing at a time but rather many projects at once. If that is true, then I must be creative! I felt like my mind and my hands were in a million different directions all day!

It started with removing the wallpaper in the dining room. I actually felt really sad doing it. My sweet aunt Marilyn put it up for me when I moved into my home. I loved it at the time but now feel that it simply doesn't suit my style anymore. I didn't feel so bad when I realized it has been up for nearly 4 years! I can hardly believe it's been so long! Marilyn is a perfectionist and as I remove it, I notice how perfect the seams were. If you are reading this, Marilyn, I still appreciate it so much!

Progress shots, courtesy of Instagram

I would be lying if I said I finished it but at least it's started! Next up was preparing the bedroom for paint. Filling holes, adding some silicone to the gaps in the moldings and vacuuming. Fun... Here is the room before paint. The walls are painted Ivory Silk and while pretty, not what I'm going for. 

Steph got to work as soon as he got home from. He's a good painter (I mean that sincerely) and insisted that I watch and learn how to paint properly. I listened carefully, I swear, then managed to sneak away to make a quick dinner and write this post. He's in his own little world up there listening to my iPod and painting away:)

Here is how it looked the last time I checked! Terrible photo, I know, but I think I'm going to love it. The color is called Cashmere by Para Paints.

There is a dresser in the room that will be staying but desperately needs a coat of paint. I'm unsure if I'm going to play it safe and keep it white or if I should go bold with color. I'll wait and see how the rest of the room plays out and see.

Wow! Looking back on these photos makes me think that I need some color in my life! Ah well, it's coming.. patience! I can't wait to get my upholstered headboard in there and see it all come together.

Center of Attention

Centerpieces are a great accessory to any wedding reception. We love seeing the different ways to style a table! There are so many ways to add to a beautiful floral arrangement! Here are some great centerpieces that you can explore for your wedding reception or next party!

Use your favorite old tea tins to hold your favorite flowers  
Have your guests eat under the stars!

Heads up! Have your guest staring at the ceiling at this beautiful floral chandelier

White is a simply chic way to accent your tables
Book Worm? Display your favorite classics with this centerpiece

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bedroom Makeover ~ Headboard.

I'm on March Break! Aside from a trip to Halifax for some shopping and good eats this upcoming weekend, I am around home all week working on some projects. Two rooms on the agenda are the dining room and a bedroom. Thankfully, I have a little help with the painting!

My fabric arrived from Tonic Living, and this weekend I got to work on the upholstered headboard for the bedroom. I had a headboard that I had made years ago. It was my first diy project ever! I striped off the old fabric and kept the foam and batting. Then, got to work ironing the new fabric. Rich navy blue!

I did run into a few problems of course. It's not a diy without a few headaches! I had Steph make some angled cuts on each side. As we started trying to staple the fabric around those angles, we had nothing but wrinkles and puckering (not to mention rising tempers, mostly on my part).

Off came the fabric and batting and he cut bigger angles in the corners. The first ones were a little too tight for the fabric to lay flat and this time, it was much easier! I worked alone this time.. I needed some cooling off time. Plus, I like having control of the staple gun:)

I'm still going to add nail head trim but here it is so far. (Speaking of.. I need a Canadian source for the kits. Lee Valley has them but only in silver and gold. I'm thinking antiqued bronze. Anyone??)

I'm so anxious to get going! I'm cleaning out the room today and Steph is going to paint. Back soon with some progress!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Appy Couple

We love seeing wedding websites with all the details of the bride and groom! But why not set yourself apart? With Appycouple, you can create your very own mobile app to share with friends and family. The mobile app provides your guests with all the information they need! The app ranges from registry lists to maps to real-time photo uploads. Appycouple offers a variety of ways to customize your special application!

All photos from Appycouple

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pretty Things.

We went out to get some groceries yesterday after work and I wandered into the floral department, where I usually end up. It was blustery outside and wintery weather was forecast overnight. When a storm is brewing, I buy flowers. It's the perfect way to bring some life into your home when it's miserable outside.

I picked up a bunch of green mums, in honor of St. Patty's day, some pink carnations and pink baby roses.  I'm certainly no florist but I love the look of bunched together blooms, so I went to work. I was able to make 3 arrangements and a few little posies. We've got pops of life everywhere we look. So what if it's only me who appreciates them? :)

Contrary to popular opinion, I adore carnations. They are inexpensive, last forever and are oh-so pretty grouped together. Remember Carrie and Charlotte scoffing at the idea of a man bringing carnations on a first date? Appalling! I once shared that opinion but have changed me tune. I've shared this before, but it's worth a read.

In other fun news. Look what arrived? We ordered iPhone cases from Society 6 and they finally came. While very pretty (well not Steph's - it's a mixed tape *funny*), they are somewhat cheap and super slippery... or slippy as we say here on PEI! I'm scared my phone is going to slide right out of my hands. 

I really love it but will pretty win out over function? We'll see.

What about you? Do you treat yourself to anything? Flowers do it for me. What's your treat?