Monday, March 19, 2012

Bedroom Makeover ~ Headboard.

I'm on March Break! Aside from a trip to Halifax for some shopping and good eats this upcoming weekend, I am around home all week working on some projects. Two rooms on the agenda are the dining room and a bedroom. Thankfully, I have a little help with the painting!

My fabric arrived from Tonic Living, and this weekend I got to work on the upholstered headboard for the bedroom. I had a headboard that I had made years ago. It was my first diy project ever! I striped off the old fabric and kept the foam and batting. Then, got to work ironing the new fabric. Rich navy blue!

I did run into a few problems of course. It's not a diy without a few headaches! I had Steph make some angled cuts on each side. As we started trying to staple the fabric around those angles, we had nothing but wrinkles and puckering (not to mention rising tempers, mostly on my part).

Off came the fabric and batting and he cut bigger angles in the corners. The first ones were a little too tight for the fabric to lay flat and this time, it was much easier! I worked alone this time.. I needed some cooling off time. Plus, I like having control of the staple gun:)

I'm still going to add nail head trim but here it is so far. (Speaking of.. I need a Canadian source for the kits. Lee Valley has them but only in silver and gold. I'm thinking antiqued bronze. Anyone??)

I'm so anxious to get going! I'm cleaning out the room today and Steph is going to paint. Back soon with some progress!