Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Need Paint Help.

I painted the dresser and stayed true to my word.. it's not white! I rummaged around through the paint in my basement and found, among an embarrassing number of cans, a can of a beautiful grey paint. I figured, why not? Saved me from going out and buying some. Plus, it was a snow day so I was confined to the house!

The color is Jet Set by Debbie Travis but was mixed in Beauti-tone's Natura paint line. It went on nicely and I liked the color against the walls. It almost has a hint of purple to the grey. (Yes, I know there is a crack in one of the drawers. I like when things aren't perfect.. or maybe I'm just lazy? :)

Looks not bad, right? However, strangely enough, the paint doesn't seem to want to dry. It dawned on me where the paint came from. My good friend Emily bought it to paint a cabinet in her dining room. It turned out great but 2 years later, it's still tacky! We had the paint here so my dad tried it on a little table he was working on. Same problem!

Hmmm... anyone use this brand of paint before, or run into this problem? I wish I had remembered this before I started. I'm hoping that a coat of water based Varathane with seal the finish. Thoughts? I'd appreciate any suggestions!

On a brighter note. I have 8 pretty glass knobs to add a little sparkle to the piece! Once I get this sticky situation figured out, I'll be back with a proper before and after.