Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Like Finally Up!

After arriving home from our weekend in the big city (Halifax:), we decided to tackle framing this print for the bedroom makeover. I wanted it a while ago (You can read all about that here). At the time it was sold out but one of my sweet readers emailed me and offered to sell me hers. It had come out in different colorways and she had chosen to go that route. The price was right and I saw it as a sign.

Sadly, the print sat in its tube for over a year. You see, it's rather large at 24 x 36 inches and framing it was p.r.i.c.e.y. I did some searching online and saw that some people mounted it into the largest Ikea Ribba frame, on top of the mat. While not ideal, easiest bet for me! Since we don't have an Ikea around here, I waited patiently until I could somehow get my hands on one. My parents just returned from a trip to Ontario and brought one back.

Please ignore the dresser, it's getting ready for a paint makeover. I love the punch of color again the freshly painted neutral grey walls. One piece of advice. Do not attempt to frame something with your dog around! I think we had to take it apart three times to get the Beaufie hair out from between the glass and the print. Frustrating!

Here is another view from the doorway. Some say this print is "overdone" but I still love it! Like, really love it.

And a couple of shots up close. Yes, I really do love it!

Have you figured out the accent color for the room yet? Time to paint the dresser, hang the curtains and some more art. Now to find the perfect pillow to tie the grey, navy and pink together! Later kids, I'm off to do some etsy shopping:)