Monday, April 30, 2012

Dresser - Refinished.

The dresser is finished! Some harder than anticipated work but quite the transformation if you ask me. Originally, it was painted a creamy white and was in need of a makeover.

 Since it was going into the bedroom I've been working on, I wanted to freshen it up a bit. I gave it a coat of a deep grey paint (Debbie Travis Jet Set). While I loved the color, the paint didn't seem to want to dry. You can read about those troubles here.

After several botched attempts to save my paint job, we ultimately decided the best thing to do what to strip the paint. Right down to the bare bones. I ended up really enjoying this part. Dousing it in stripper, patiently waiting for it to bubble, then scraping off all that sticky goodness. 

Next, we shipped it off to my dad, who is the master of refinishing around these parts. We thought we had done all the prep work and just had to patiently wait for the call saying it was done. Not the case. The dresser was in fact pine, a wood my father chooses not to work with very often. In order for it to sand properly, you must scrape it well to reveal the bare wood. Stephane and I headed over one Saturday afternoon and went to work. After all, we did promise to do all the dirty work! The hardest part was stopping every five minutes to sharpen our scrapers.

In the process, we found an inscription on the bottom of a drawer by "Heath and Mildred, 1924". Kinda of fun! So we added our own names too:)

This is becoming a long post. Bear with me! Dad got to work sanding and adding the stain (Special Walnut). Here it is prior to varnish.

Here is the dresser all finished and in the room. We added glass knobs to the drawers and I love the touch of sparkle they add to the piece. 

I absolutely love painted furniture but sometimes it feel good to bring something back to it's original beauty. I'm quite happy with it! Thanks so much for your help, Dad! 

I can't wait to style it up. I'll be back with an update!

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Cheers to Wills and Kate!

It has been one year since William and Catherine's wedding and what an amazing wedding it was! Their wedding has influenced the wedding industry from white bridesmaids dresses to smaller bride's bouquets and everything in-between! Happy Anniversary to the Duke and Duchess! 

One of our favorite pictures!

photos from: This is Glamorous

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What I Love Most About My Home.

Yesterday, I was happy participate in the series {Send me a Picture} at Emily A. Clark's blog. This month's photos were of what you love most in your home. Along with five other bloggers, I shared a glimpse of my  own favorite part: the bookcase. It also reminded me that I should share some updated photos of the bookcase, since my first attempt.

Emily is an interior decorator and momma of three children, with twins on the way in a few weeks! Her home is beautiful and she continues to make it more so everyday. Here are a couple of her recent project that I adore.

You can check out the series and the rest of Emily's beautiful blog here!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hey Hey Ombre!

We have been seeing the ombre trend everywhere! We loved Khloe Kardashian's ombre hair, but we are even more in love with incorporating ombre in your wedding! We aren't asking you to dye your hair! Instead, look to use ombre in surprising places. From pink ombre to beautiful purples, we are seeing it in wedding cakes,  floral, and even bridesmaid dresses. Be adventurous and have fun with the ombre trend. 


I will forever love whomever can find me this rug in Canada. I've been lusting over it for a while now and unfortunately Rugs USA does not ship to Canada.. boo.. Who woulda thought? Ha:)

It comes in different colorways. I adore the pink but think that perhaps it might be to much for the man in the house, even as cool as he is! The price is right, size works, and it would inject that perfect pop of color my living room is crying out for. But alas, we Canadians often suffer the disappointment of having our hopes dashed as we read the fine print in the shipping info.

Check out some inspiration rooms that have me lusting.

Upon searching, I came upon a DIY version which is quite lovely. Something to think about, I suppose.

So.. anyone have a source? Like I said, I promise to love you forever.

Not that you care, but it's the least  I can do:)


Monday, April 23, 2012

In Honor of Earth Day.

*** Forgot to post this yesterday so I'm a day late:)

I'm not much of a green fan when it comes to home decor. It's not that I dislike it, but I'm definitely more drawn to shades of blues and grey. In fact, once upon a time, I painted my office green and promptly painted a soft shade of blue-grey within 24 hours! Lesson learned, always look at your floors when considering paint colors... against the green paint they looked orange!

In honor of Earth day, I'm rounding up some use of green in home decor that I could definitely live with. Yes, I know that's not what going green is suppose to mean but let's just pretend.. I missed out on the St. Patty's day post. Ha!

I looove this mirror paired with the green chest of drawers.
Source: via Rowan on Pinterest

Did someone say ombre? This is one trend I can't get enough of.

I know it's just a pop of green but just when I think I'm over chevron prints, I see this and I love it all over again. What a great mix of pattern and color!

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Beautiful light, table, white space and ahhh... those green chairs can come home with me any day.

I think my Dad is going to finish up the dresser in the next couple of days so I hope to share some more shots of the bedroom makeover this week! Plus, we really need to get going on the dining room. So much to do and so little time.. isn't that always the case?

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

I'm home sick today, fighting a nasty head cold. I mostly snuggled the day away with Beaufort but did get off the couch long enough to powwow with my dad about stain colors for the dresser, play around with the aperture setting on my camera (see my attempt above) and sit outside to enjoy the warm sun.

It's fun walking around the yard every few days to see how the plants are slowly making their appearance. Things are generally slow to green up in Atlantic Canada but this year isn't too bad. I snipped a few branches from the only thing that was blooming any color and slipped them into a vase. Makes me happy:)

Have a great weekend!

Walking on Sunshine

Nothing makes us happier than a warm day in spring. The beautiful sunshine sheds light on all the gorgeous colors in bloom! We live for sunny days that seem to make everything more cheerful. The vibrant colors of spring put everyone in a great mood! That's why we love incorporating bright cheerful colors into someone's special day. Yellow is our favorite way to show off our love of sunshine!