Monday, April 9, 2012

Bedroom Makeover ~ Updates.

The Easter long weekend has come to an end. Unfortunately, we woke up Easter morning to a little bit of snow but that didn't stop us from enjoying the day. All in all, it was a relaxing yet somewhat productive weekend.

We got the headboard hung in the bedroom. I still haven't put nail head trim on it. I think I will go ahead and order the silver nail strips from Lee Valley but I am actually a bit nervous about doing it. I'm afraid the fabric will buckle. If you know any tips, please share!

I think my new pillows with navy piping look sharp again the headboard and the crisp white bedding. I ordered some fab new fabric to make a small lumbar pillow as well. I'm excited for it to arrive. Can't forget about the bold art print that's been hung already in the room - this fabric will tie it all together! 

I hung one of Gaby's paintings on the wall but I think it's a little small so I'll likely add something else with it to fill the space. Isn't it a cool piece? Love the colors.

In case your wondering what the status is on the dresser with the sticky paint, I'll be back tomorrow with an update. Let's just say my plan didn't work and it's gone a whole new direction! Hopefully a blessing in disguise! Seriously crossing my fingers on this one.

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