Monday, April 30, 2012

Dresser - Refinished.

The dresser is finished! Some harder than anticipated work but quite the transformation if you ask me. Originally, it was painted a creamy white and was in need of a makeover.

 Since it was going into the bedroom I've been working on, I wanted to freshen it up a bit. I gave it a coat of a deep grey paint (Debbie Travis Jet Set). While I loved the color, the paint didn't seem to want to dry. You can read about those troubles here.

After several botched attempts to save my paint job, we ultimately decided the best thing to do what to strip the paint. Right down to the bare bones. I ended up really enjoying this part. Dousing it in stripper, patiently waiting for it to bubble, then scraping off all that sticky goodness. 

Next, we shipped it off to my dad, who is the master of refinishing around these parts. We thought we had done all the prep work and just had to patiently wait for the call saying it was done. Not the case. The dresser was in fact pine, a wood my father chooses not to work with very often. In order for it to sand properly, you must scrape it well to reveal the bare wood. Stephane and I headed over one Saturday afternoon and went to work. After all, we did promise to do all the dirty work! The hardest part was stopping every five minutes to sharpen our scrapers.

In the process, we found an inscription on the bottom of a drawer by "Heath and Mildred, 1924". Kinda of fun! So we added our own names too:)

This is becoming a long post. Bear with me! Dad got to work sanding and adding the stain (Special Walnut). Here it is prior to varnish.

Here is the dresser all finished and in the room. We added glass knobs to the drawers and I love the touch of sparkle they add to the piece. 

I absolutely love painted furniture but sometimes it feel good to bring something back to it's original beauty. I'm quite happy with it! Thanks so much for your help, Dad! 

I can't wait to style it up. I'll be back with an update!

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