Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mini Entry Makeover.

The stripes on the wall in the front entry was a project that was finished in the dead of winter. The little room always seemed to be bright and fresh, reminding me of sunnier days.

Over the weekend, I decided that that little room need some personality. It's not a very big space but I made two small changes. First by hanging a round white mirror on the wall. Remember that mirror? Great check yourself out on the way out and offers a pretty reflection of outside depending on how to look into it

Then for some fresh spring color. I added too pillows to the little bench. There is still I tiny but of room to sit your bum down and put your shoes on! We usually go out the back door so in this case I could make pretty win over functionality:)

Almost forgot. Last time I shot this room, I had to strategically leave out the beautiful light bulb hanging from the ceiling. This time, I can include the little light! We needed something that wouldn't interfere with the door opening. I picked this one up at an antique store for 5 bucks and Steph installed it. I love a good deal!

It took me literally less than 5 minutes to shop around my home and style that little room up. If only the rest of them were so easy!

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