Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pillow Plenty.

It seems it's pillow month around here! Yesterday, I shared the new pillows that I had made with fabric from Tonic Living. They are going to be perfect against the headboard in the bedroom.

A while ago, I found an Ebay seller who sold silk ikat pillows for an amazing price. I had been tempted to order similar ones for the living room from an etsy shop but couldn't stomach the $60 a pillow price tag. The ebay store Antiquarian Textiles, based in Uzbekistan, sells a pair of pillows for less than $25 plus $8 to ship! I'll admit I was skeptical of the quality but decided to go ahead and order a beautiful pair of blue ikat dot pillows.

Yeah.. so turns out they weren't blue but purple! Those are the risks of ordering online, I suppose. The good news was that the quality was wonderful and a good friend offered to take them off my hands. They will be perfect for her daughter's room. 

Right away, I ordered a new set and waited patiently for them to arrive. This time I went a little more neutral and they are perfect!

Here are a few more from their shop, in case you are interested. I definitely recommend them!

Get your order in soon though because one downfall is that shipping is slow (4+ weeks for me). Sooner you order the sooner you get to enjoy them! Let's look at mine one more time..

Yep. Love them!