Friday, June 29, 2012

So Polished!

Summertime calls for flip flops and open toed shoes! Why not have some fun with funky nail designs? A fun manicure or pedicure can catapult any outfit to new levels! It's summertime, sass up those nails!

Photos from Maggie's Pinterest

My Keepsake Collection for the Bride

I am a person that l o v e s to create things that mean something to me and other people. I l o v e the idea of lockets, mementos and keepsake jewelry. One,  to remember that moment and two,  to make sure it carries on. If you want to give a gift that will be remembered and treasured,  I b e l i e v e that this series is that special. It is the beginning of something new and a little unique to me.  I am Modern and also very Vintage in my style but I do think that these marry both ideas. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your Bride (Grooms) then you should give a gift she can wear and remember the day you married all the days of your life together. This is my pendant with dual initials... One with your initial and one with hers on the opposite side. It is made with mixed metals (sterling silver and 14K gold fill). You can either choose a silver or gold chain to compliment the pendant.  You can see various styles throughout this post.  I hope you enjoy this newest collection. More to come in the next weeks... Be sure to check back for more unique styles being designed right now...

" Double Sided L O V E pendant... This is the perfect gift for your Brides-Grooms"

I can honestly say I wear this necklace everyday. My husband thinks it is one of my best ideas this Summer Season.  Just something unique in this fabulous necklace to all other Initial Jewelry. I have yet to see anyone do a double sided pendant with mixed metals.  

The Sand Dollar Pendant...

Everlasting l o v e pendant...

Love the traditional monogram...

Featured in Style Me Pretty

First of all, I am honored to be apart of this Style Me Pretty's 2012 Magazine and the absolutely fabulous,  dreamy DYI ideas for the Bride that is looking to save herself a ton of money. Not to mention the fabulous photography. I can not imagine the time and energy to create such a huge project but the end result is gorgeous.  If you get a minute out of your busy day, you should take a look at this Fashion Magazine. Tell me what you think?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

wear it with: floral tank

lest you think that i've abandoned my "wear it with" series, i have a brand spankin' new today. although this floral  silk blouse is outside the budget, i love the idea of a dressier tank for the summer time. a beautiful silk can be dressed up or down, but it's a great way to look polished in the summer heat.

because the tank has both pleating and vibrant colors, i kept the bottoms sleek and simple. how would you style this silk tank - skinny jeans or a tailored skirt?

wear it with: floral tank

A Glimpse.

I've been so lucky to work with the sweetest people lately. I am so thankful that they welcome me into their home and help them do what I'm so passionate about! It's seriously awesome.

Here is a little glimpse into Cathy's kitchen. New countertop and showstopper backsplash! I was giddy when I saw it installed.. so beautiful!

The views from Cathy's home are stunning. I count myself lucky that we live in PEI where we are surrounded but such beauty... ocean, sandy beaches, red cliffs, farmer's fields in full bloom. 

Standing in her home last night made me realize that the interior will have a direct connection with what she sees out her window. Could you really ask for more? I can't wait to show you the rest of what we've been up to!

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback and tips, both here and on twitter, about a kitchen island! We've got some ideas and will look into them today. Keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Style Me Pretty Fashion and Beauty E-Magazine!!

We love Style Me Pretty! We are so excited for their new Fashion & Beauty e-magazine! It is a perfect way for brides to see the latest styles. It will showcase all things wedding fashion. We can't wait to see all the amazing beatuy how-tos and picks from their favorite fashion bloggers!

i want candy!

maybe because it's because i haven't been able to keep my hands off the reese's pieces in our office this week, but i'm feeling seriously inspired by fun candy colors.

i want candy!


In Love...

With this kitchen, seen on the June cover of Dwell magazine.

I love the contrast of the traditional white cabinets, apron sink, arched doorway and windows against the sleek clean feel of the kitchen island and the fun modern bar stools. I suppose I could take or leave the lighting, a bit too modern for my tastes, but the pop of orange is fun and unexpected.

We are on the hunt for an island for the kitchen. When my brother built my kitchen cabinets, the plan was to go back later on and add a matching island. It was a plan that I knew would never happen, my brother is a busy guy and I count myself lucky (and thankful!) that I got what I did! 

That being said, the lack of storage and counter space is becoming an issue and it's time to get a proper island in there. That small sideboard isn't cutting it anymore.

The plan is not to match the kitchen cabinets at all. We thought about going wood but ultimately stainless is in the lead. I love the industrial look. The first photo I shared totally sold me!

I love this Ikea UTBY island, seen in this simple modern kitchen designed my Cameron MacNeil. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. It would have been perfect!

If you know of any sources or having any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! We love stainless but have also considered industrial workstations. After looking at all these photos, I desperately want to paint my kitchen white. That's a subject for another day:)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

d&g fall 2012 campaign

i just love the "old country campaigns d&g has created the last couple of seasons. the're gorgeous and monica belluci is just divine. makes me want to plan a trip to italy immediately!

images via fashion gone rogue

Monday, June 25, 2012

weekend update

a BIG thank you to all the sweet e-mails, tweets, and comments on my journey toward healthy post. it was hard to write, but it was also really liberating and i'm happy to have taken part in an honest discussion about body image.

mooooving on. 

last week i chopped off 6 inches of my hair, using this photo as inspiration for my new cut. it was a big change, but i kinda love it!

friday, the mr. and i went out for date night, so i opted for a hot pink mini a red lipstick(forgive the terrible photo). we had sushi at umi and saw brave, which is pretty much the cutest movie since tangled. 

and saturday, i went to a bridal shower for a family member, wearing a new j.crew skirt i scored last week on crazy sale.

come sunday, we were pretty beat, so we literally lay on the couch for 3 hours and read, only to stop for a cupcake run. 

how was your weekend?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

East Coast Living Interview

Sorry for my absence! It was a busy week at school. I'm a classic procrastinator at heart and end of school year activities always get me a little flustered. I should know better and plan posts ahead of time. Alas, summer break is on the horizon... two more days with the students and we teachers finish up at the end of the week. Bring on summer!

I had the exciting opportunity to be part of East Coast Living magazine as a "DIY paint expert". I wouldn't call myself an expert but it's fun to say it nonetheless! Two pieces of furniture that I've painted were featured along with some of my tips for finding that perfect piece and how transform it.

This week I received my copy in the mail. Kind of fun to see my name and Modern Jane mentioned in print:)

Here is one of the photos that was included.

If you are in Atlantic Canada be sure to pick up a copy. It's available on newsstands now!

My friends Sheri Lee and Aaron's home is also included. Their new home, designed by Aaron, an architect, is the first LEED Gold Certified home in Prince Edward Island.