Sunday, June 24, 2012

East Coast Living Interview

Sorry for my absence! It was a busy week at school. I'm a classic procrastinator at heart and end of school year activities always get me a little flustered. I should know better and plan posts ahead of time. Alas, summer break is on the horizon... two more days with the students and we teachers finish up at the end of the week. Bring on summer!

I had the exciting opportunity to be part of East Coast Living magazine as a "DIY paint expert". I wouldn't call myself an expert but it's fun to say it nonetheless! Two pieces of furniture that I've painted were featured along with some of my tips for finding that perfect piece and how transform it.

This week I received my copy in the mail. Kind of fun to see my name and Modern Jane mentioned in print:)

Here is one of the photos that was included.

If you are in Atlantic Canada be sure to pick up a copy. It's available on newsstands now!

My friends Sheri Lee and Aaron's home is also included. Their new home, designed by Aaron, an architect, is the first LEED Gold Certified home in Prince Edward Island.