Monday, June 11, 2012

future girl cave

if you follow me on pinterest, you might have seen one of my boards called future girl cave. it's the board where i'm stowing away ideas for a room of my own in our future home. we keep daydreaming about buying a beautiful space that we can make our own and i'd love to have a room just to myself - somewhere where i can work, blog, write, draw, and most importantly, be as girly as i want to be. i've borrowed the cute term "girl cave" from rhi over at hey, gorgeous, who created the cutest office space in her old apartment (inspiration for us city dwellers)!

i tried my hand at e-designing the space and for my first try, i'm pretty happy!

i gravitate toward neutrals, so i decided to keep the hardwood light and the grey paint warm. i built the room around the white statement furniture (love this desk!), adding in metallics for some glamour. it may be unusual to mix gold and silver, but i quite like it. i also like that the artwork isn't thematic, but the black framing pulls it all together. and the black and white rug grounds the space and the colors are echoed, without being matchy-matchy in the throw pillow.

i'm happy to share my sources if you're interested!