Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DIY abstract painting

i shared yesterday that i completed the first item on my summer DIY bucket list and i'm so excited to share the results with you today! 

i was inspired by jen ramos' cocoa and hearts and the ever-talented christine's wink of pink paintings and decided to give it a try myself! our living room was majorly missing artwork big enough for the wall behind the couch. hanging above our couch was a thrift store find that i actually really love, but didn't work for the area - the frame was too heavy and the piece too small for the wide expanse of wall. 

so, it was off to our mom-and-pop art store in lakeview to buy supplies. we opted for two 24x30" canvases that are 1.25" wide. we knew we weren't going to frame the canvases, so we went with ones that had a bit of heft to them so they filled the space well and looked more expensive.

acrylic paint is fantastic for this type of project because it dries quickly, it's durable, and you can layer it to add texture. i also bought a few brushes to add the collection i already owned, a mixing tray, and drop cloth. 

i chose a color palette that mixed warm and cool tones, including silver for a little glam and white for mixing. i toned down the colors with white, white, and more white! you need a LOT to bring a bright acrylic color down to a pastel. it was a fun learning process and the trial-and-error allowed me to use different shades of the same color throughout the paintings.

i started with a peachy backdrop and deliberately did not paint to the edges of the canvas. i didn't want it to look to perfect and wanted the opportunity to improvise as i went along. i used a foam brush which gives cool textures and lines.

and for the coolest part, the mr. took video of most of the painting process. he sped it up into a time lapse, so you can see the layering of colors.

and voila! i think i'll toughen up the pieces a bit by adding black, but i'm enjoying the feminine colors for now. thank goodness the mr. cares more about making me smile than what hangs on our walls!

and who doesn't love a good before and after pic?

 photos taken by the mr.