Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ellen's House.

This winter a new client, Ellen, invited me to visit her home to help her freshen it up a bit. A newer build, the home was bright, spacious and immaculate but perhaps lacking a bit of personality. The walls were a warm brown with dark finishes. I made a few suggestions of how she could lighten the palette.

A few months later, Ellen emailed me photos. I was shocked but how much she got done. She had the walls painted a soft grey, changed the hardware on her kitchen cupboards, purchased a new table and chairs, and a sectional.

However, the walls were bare, the windows naked and there were hardly any accessories. A busy mother of two, working full time and living out of town, Ellen felt she had no time to shop. This is where I came in. She asked me if I would be interested in being her personal shopper and style her home. Everything from shower curtains, plants, art, accessories, mirrors, window treatments.

Let me think for a second..

I get to shop?

For home stuff?

Decorate your house?

Let me think.. Yes!

It was a wonderful experience. Ellen put her trust in me and I went to work. Yesterday, I went to her home and got to work putting it all together. After 3 hours, I walked through the house smiling and wishing I could move right in. At the same time, I was holding my breath, hoping she would be happy with everything.

Thankfully, she loved it!

Here's a rather large peek, starting with a couple of before shots!



Eight white frames are hung over the Karlstad sectional bearing black and white family photos. 
Lamps were a Winners find.

 Ikat pillow covers from my favorite ebay seller.

Three Ikea Lack shelves were hung in the empty space next to the TV console (a vintage find that got a coat of white paint). I had great fun shopping for accessories for the shelves. I left her a little space on the bottom to fill with her own finds.. I'm thinking vintage boxes or pretty books? 

Fresh flowers from her garden.

Of course I had to add an owl somewhere. Why not one that can have a flower head? :)

The windows in the kitchen (and powder room) have custom-made roman shades using a sophisticated black and white stripe fabric from Tonic Living. The center one was the wrong size so we are waiting on having it fixed up.

Still to come are some modern white bar stools which will tie in perfectly. Can't wait to see those!

Once again, a fantastic experience for me. I'm passionate about interior design and styling and love when I have opportunities like this. Thanks so much for allowing me to share with me readers Ellen! I hope you enjoy your "new" space!

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