Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Living.

Oh summer! I have such plans for you each year. Project lists a mile long and a sparkling clean house. Then your sun shines and I can't bear to be indoors and suddenly all those ideas some how disappear. I'm certainly not complaining! The weather has been fantastic. I've spent lots of time with my sister, who is home visiting. In fact, today we are heading up to the Eastern part of the island to visit my sweet 98 year old grandmother.

Nothing says summer like fresh flowers. I took Beaufort up to my brother's house in the country to play some frisbee and there were bushes full of peonies. Since he is away working, I clipped them and took them all home. No one there to enjoy them!

Unfortunately, they only lasted a couple of days. I also clipped some little flowers from my garden to put in the sweet bud vase I picked up at Cottage Industry this week. I set it in a round wicker basket on the dining table with my deer antlers. A sweet simple centerpiece.

I picked up some new pillows for the chairs in the front porch. I love them with the green front door. We don't seem to sit out there very often with the new deck in the back. Since it's covered, it's fun to sit there and watch the rain but as long as the sun is shining the back yard is where it's at these days!

Speaking of the back deck. Steph has started the wall project that we had planned for the small deck. It's only part way but I like it already. It really feels more finished, plus it's going to cover the siding that was melted by the barbeque! oops:) We have plans for this part and I can't wait to share it!

Well, off to Souris then a nice supper out with my sister and parents. Have a great day everyone!