Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Deck Reveal.

Well, it's finished. We started in the spring with a blank canvas and have transformed our backyard into a perfect little oasis.

 Let's look back at where we started. 
A small little deck off the back door was all we had. It quickly came down.

Then after days of removing sod, shoveling gravel, lots of wood, the deck was starting to take shape.

Stephane really worked hard to get the building done and I did as much to help as possible, including the staining at the end and the landscaping. We used two colors of stain, one for the deck and one for the deck walls. I really like the contrast.

Here is our finished product. 

My favorite parts are:

The tree lights in the evening.

The deck walls with the mirror.

 The "catwalk" stairs to the lower deck.

I'll be back later with some more details for you about the build. 
Hope you like it! We certainly are enjoying it.