Tuesday, August 14, 2012

have this? need that!

so, if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you might have seen the gloriousness of this michael kors handbag. i was walking by the MK store on michigan avenue, minding my own business, and just as i was passing by, this little voice in my head said, "well, you could just stop in and look." see, i've been looking for a great black leather bag - a go-to, big enough to be a carryall, but not as big as my work bag. i didn't find my black bag, but i found this python-embossed beauty on sale!

and now that i've convinced myself that it will meet my black bag needs, i'm already thinking about how i can take this bag into fall.

while i typically think of cream/tan/eggshell etc. for spring and summer, lines are blurring around when you can wear certain colors. after all, the bag is neutral, and therefore, a blank canvas. i love the idea of pairing this bag with all black - for fall, i'll ground my look with rich fabrics in jet black. but until then, i'll rock it with my summer dresses!

have this : need that!


i'm thinking of making "have this? need that!" into a series. have an item you love, but you're not sure what to pair with it? or need inspiration for a new way to wear a much-loved piece? e-mail me and the next "have this? need that!" will be yours!