Thursday, August 9, 2012

linen closet inspiration

if you've followed ANC for a while, it's probably no surprise that i'm getting more and more into home design and decor. the mr. and i are slowly updating and redoing our little apartment by doing things like refinishing hand-me-down furniture and spicing up the living room with DIY abstract paintings. and of course, many of the beautiful wedding presents we have received have helped!

one thing that i'm dreaming about for the future is a full-size, beautifully organized linen closet. i have a serious obsession with linens - i love bright white soft sheets, cozy down comforters, and plush towels, and i love having a stockpile of clean ones on hand so i can change them as often as i like. if you haven't read annie's post on the importance of clean linens, you should!

we don't have space for a closet dedicated solely to linens yet, but when we do, i'll be drawing my inspiration from these images.