Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Dining Chairs.

The dining room table and chairs in my dining room have been on loan from my Dad since I bought the house over four years ago. They are pieces that he refinished and are quite beautiful. I get lots of compliments on the table however, I had other plans for the room and replacing them for something more suited to my style was always the plan.

The problem? What was my style? Modern chairs with a rustic table? Modern glossy table with clean lines? I couldn't quite figure it out. Plus, what I like often didn't fit the budget or the style of my home. Quite the conundrum I tell you!

Anywho.. the reason I am bringing this up now is because we got new chairs! I love them for two reasons. 1. They have a really nice shape and a ladder back which I love. Plus they are teak! 2. They sat around Stephane's kitchen table when he was a little boy. A little bit of sentiment and I'm sold:) His Mom is down shopping for a house here (yep! She's moving to PEI!) and brought them for us.

Of course, they need a little work but I'm up for it. A good oiling and some new upholstery and they will be perfect! Speaking of upholstery.. I ordered a few samples last week from my favorite fabric shop Tonic Living. I had to keep in mind that the curtains in the dining room are a tad bossy when it comes to picking coordinating fabrics. Although a subdued pattern and color tone, they definitely dictate what works in the room.

Here is what I came up with. A few solids and a couple of patterns. Any guess to which one I picked?

Of course, I had to get Beaufort opinion too. He really didn't seem to care either way.

This is the one I picked and ordered this morning. It's called Bethe in Robins Egg. Did you guess it?

I realize it may get dirty but for a couple of yards of fabric and a little time it can be quickly changed. Can't wait for it to arrive so we can get started on recovering them! Then, we will need to decide what we are doing for a table but they look fine with the one we have for now.